How good a guitarist are you ?

How good a guitarist are you ?

Would you like to test your knowledge of the guitar and know where you stand are in your learning process? Take my online test and evaluate your level! It will probably provide you with some good insight and only it takes a few minutes!

In all styles, from rock to funk, jazz to metal, there are compelling technical and theoretical fundamentals that allow any musician to develop his game, get him to property know his instrument or even to get out of an obstacle hindering his development.

Check your knowledge to have a better idea of what you could work and develop, to move toward a higher level.

How to take the test ?

This test includes a set of issues classified in different areas (game, rhythm, chords, scales, ear …). Be honest in your answers and check the boxes corresponding to your level of knowledge. After the test, you will have some explanations to help you reflect on what you could do to keep on progressing.