Electric and acoustic guitar

Learning electric guitar

Electric guitar and classical guitar, although similar in substance, are two very different instruments. That’s why I offer two distinct educational programs.

Alongside teaching the fundamentals, if you want extensive coaching,  initiation or improvement of certain points, such as the composition and ear training for example, we can establish together a specific program.

My three years at the academy went perfectly, classes were held in good spirits, no pressure and no stress which did not prevent us from progressing quickly. Interesting pieces and exercises, and sometimes stories about music, music theory …

— Manon
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Lessons in short

  • A qualified and experienced teacher
  • An effective teaching always at the student service
  • Lessons for all, from 5 years old
  • Lessons to suit all levels
  • Lessons for all styles
  • An entertaining and pleasant way to learn guitar!

Electric and Acoustic guitar

Whether you are a beginner or experienced guitarist, you will have the insurance  of progressing quickly. The teaching program is fully customizable following your tastes, your needs and your level.

This program is based on four key modules:

Rhythmic Cohesion

Music is about rhythm

  • Picks and Rhythmic movements
  • Exercises in different styles
  • Development of motor reflexes and rhythmic senses
  • Global earing sense development

technical development

More freedom comes from a mastered technic

  • Finger training : loosening and stretching
  • Left and right hands technical exercises on specific axes (timing, precision, velocity, flat picking, sweeping, binding, bends, etc …)
  • Organizing of the practice: setting goals and artistic opening

Study of pieces, creativity, improvisation

Learning from others and forging ones style

  • Stylistic reflexes workout and “Plan cliché types”
  • Learning songs in styles you like
  • Working musicality, style and creativity
  • Scales, modes, triads and arpeggios studies

Theory, Harmony

Reading or writing knowing a language means significantly expanding ones capabilities

  • Methodical and coherent approach of the founding principles of the musical system (Intervals, scales, chords …)
  • Harmony initiation and sentence structure.
  • Pieces composition and analysis.

All guitar lessons are detailed, prepared and organized according to an educational program suited to your needs. Lessons are  written in tablature and in standard notation.



Rack’am – Brétigny-sur-Orge, France


Bridge of Sorrows

La locomotive – Paris, France


Impro & Cover de J.S Bach

Châtel-Censoir, France