Classical Guitar

Learning Classical Guitar

I had the opportunity to learn classical guitar with the master and virtuoso Oscar Cacérès at the Conservatory. Meanwhile I continued my studies in musicology at the University of Paris and was able to acquire a detailed knowledge of the classical guitar and its repertoire. You will therefore have the insurance to have a solid apprenticeship, built on techniques and methods inherited from the great names of the guitar. From student, I became a guitar teacher in my turn, and I’ve been  teaching classical guitar for over 25 years with a proven method. I particularly worked in Music Academies and Conservatories. I also devoted myself in the recording of classical guitar pieces, some were dedicated to me. My classical guitar pedagogy is based primarily on three areas:

  1. Left & right hand skill development

  2. Decryption and directory discovery

  3. The interpretation and musicality on selected pieces


Oscar Caceres I, Oscar Caceres declares to have had as a student Olivier Mesnier in the Music Conservatory of Saint-Denis in Paris. This allowed me to follow his work for several years, thereby allowing me to certify its artistic qualities and its excellent musical training. In the educational field, I have in his respect, my highest consideration both artistically and for his personal and intellectual value.

Gerard Montaudouin I hereby Mr Gerard Montaudouin in my capacity of guitar teacher for 42 years recommend my friend Olivier Mesnier. I have known Olivier for many years and had the opportunity to play duets with him. His artistic and pedagogical skills makes of him an excellent musician and instrumentalist (electric and classical). In recognition of my deep friendship I wrote and dedicated to Olivier a suite for guitar entitled “De Châtel à Compostelle”.



Aire Istmeño

Music Academy – Belleville-sur-Loire, France


Le Port de Vermenton

Marmeaux, France


Mike Valse

Marmeaux, France


Taxi Valse

Marmeaux, France