Guitar Teacher

Olivier Mesnier – guitar teacher in Avallon

His pedagogy is the best I’ve ever had. Not only he’s a master of guitar but a master in the art of teaching and coaching. Follow his leads, you’ll get forward, play along, you’ll improve your game. Thanks Olivier ! — Guillaume

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A Solid experience in guitar teaching

Musician, composer, performer and teacher, I’ve been sharing my music between France and the United States for over 30 years. In the US, I had the honor and pleasure of playing with some of the biggest  guitar heroes.

Upon my return from California in 2011, I resumed my activity as a private guitar teacher in Montreuil, near Paris. I teach electric guitar, acoustic or classical, but also develops customized learning programs. We can for example set up together specific programs following degree courses or vocational courses (training to contemporary music, Conservatory of Music, Academies …), but also address the technical aspects of music (effects management, MAO , check in …).

I also offer my support in learning the composition processes and techniques, the rules of writing of the classic masters,  the basics of instrument making (wood, construction and guitar settings. ..) and in strengthening weaknesses in rhythm or hearing. With 25 years of experience as a guitar teacher and having practiced in various structures; my teaching skills and my teaching methods have enabled me to form a solid reputation as a teacher and musician.

Teacher, trainer, coach if necessary, I put all my experience at your disposal to assist you in your guitar training. Whatever your level, your age, your style or your goals are. Young or great beginner, advanced guitarist or musician wishing to become professional, my guitar education programs fit all. Together, we will define a training plan tailored to your needs.

I believe that all students regret you tremendously. We were lucky to have such a worthy teaching with you […] Super guitar teacher. A real pleasure to learn with you. A great method. Great regret that you left .. Léa

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Training and solid references

With a degree in musicology, I had the great honor throughout my formative years of  being a student of some of the great names of the guitar in France. From Jean-Claude Rapin to Gilles Renne in electric guitar, and with the illustrious Uruguayan master Oscar Cacerès in Classical guitar at the Conservatory. During my 15 years of training I had the opportunity to attend educational seminars with classic Guitar Heroes such as Steve Vai and Scott Henderson, but also Norbert Krief, Thibault Abrial, Jan Cyrka, Patrick Rondat, or again in the classical guitar world: Léo Brouwer, Olivier Bensa or Roland Dyens.


  • Starting from Octobre 2018 : Musician and guitar teacher in Avallon (France)
  • 2017 : Recording of 22 songs composed by French classical guitarist Gérard Montaudouin, several which were dedicated to me
  • Since 2011 : Musician and guitar teacher in my own structure in Montreuil (Paris, France)
  • 2010-2011 : Guitar teacher and musician in California (Santa Cruz, USA)
  • 2007-2010: Guitar teacher, guitar ensemble conducting and DAW teacher  (Cubase, Finale) at the Music Academy in Belleville-sur-Loire
  • 2007 :  “Val de Jazz” tour (21 concerts)
  • 1999 :  “Harmony en Direct” employee et Guitarist for “Hermes Paris”
  • 1997-1998 : Guitar teacher at studio Cobalt in the city of Maurepas (Yvelines)
  • Since 1996 : Guitarist for the prog rock band Human Eyes
  • 1995 : Professor of classical guitar, replacing Master Oscar Caceres at the Conservatory of Saint-Denis
  • 1994 : Recording of the guitar piece composed by Jean-Yves Bosseur : « Géométrie d’oiseaux dans l’espace” (Mandala – Harmonia mundi)
  • 1993-1996 : Degree in musicology and classical piano with Lucy Tyler at the University of Paris