Olivier Mesnier

Olivier Mesnier – Guitar teacher in Montreuil


Olivier is a 25 years experienced guitar teacher

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or confirmed guitarist, I put my 25 years of teaching experience at your service. I play and teach classical guitar,  as well as acoustic and electric guitar. Here you will learn in good spirits, with a passionate and professional guitar teacher, in a structured curriculum.

From reading tablature to mastering musical reflexes, I will provide you with an adapted teaching in an optimal, tried and tested pedagogical structure. Whether you simply want to learn how to play guitar for personal enjoyment or that your approach is a more professional one, my guitar lessons are open to all. Together, we will define the teaching program, depending on your style, your level and your goals.


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Hot off the Studio !

Electric guitar video

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Paris, France

Classical guitar video


Le Port de Vermenton

Montreuil, France


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    Olivier Mesnier


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    Olivier Mesnier

    Fantasy In G

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    Olivier Mesnier


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    Olivier Mesnier

    Medley Guitar Solo

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    Olivier Mesnier

    Shining One